Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting started with our blog !!

Wow ! My first blog - a great social phenomenon !! I've been meaning to do this, just haven't gotten around to it - I did start my website, but I've neglected that lately.

Hopefully I can get back in the swing of things now that I've finally got a job !!

I started Monday Jan. 26th as a pre-sales Storage Solution Architect for CDW- Berbee for the NYC-NJ area. My focus is on working with the sales team to increase our NetApp storage sales and virtualization with VMware in the Microsoft server space - it's a great job, and I'm very excited. I officially get to work from home although the office is only about 7 miles from here, so no commute. I will be expected to make about 20 or so sales calls a month with the sales team as we get rolling, but little or no deployment, so few or no nights or weekends - very exciting !! Christa is greatly relieved and very pleased, as am I - out of all the jobs I interviewed for during the months I was laid off this is the one I most wanted - hoorah !!

The people in our ward are also very excited - we've had a lot of people move out, with Fort Monmouth closing down over the next two years, and we have several key families that will be leaving this year or next - so people in the ward who were praying for me to find a job are greatly relieved, and it seems the Lord is telling us there's more work to do here in Eatontown NJ ward. for now, I am enjoying my fourth year as Gospel Doctrine teacher. I love the Doctrine and Covenants, and am really looking forward to this year's class !

Christa is very excited about the new job - we hope it gives us the freedom to be able to see our family out west more - Dave and Heidi and kids in CO, Shanns, Scott and kids in UT, Grandpa Bacon in Sandy / St George, my mom in Panaca NV, and Cheri in the Bay area - we think of all of you constantly, and hope to see you more - we are committed to use our vacation time for focused visits on family while we can. Christa hasn't been feeling well,s truggling with the flu and some stomach flu or distress, perhaps worry and stress over the job situation, now happily resolved. Hopefully she'll be able to improve now.

Enough for now - will blog again soon - thanks to any who come to read !!